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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is an ancient set of practices from China that are based on the belief that the processes of the human body are interrelated and connected to the environment.  TCM practitioners approach healthcare from a holistic standpoint, looking for the underlying imbalances and disharmonies behind an illness.  Practitioners treat the patient as a whole, instead of just treating a disease.


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Julie M. Grogan, J.D., M.S.A., L.Ac., Dipl. Ac., CPHPCA






Welcome to Radiant Sun Acupuncture.  Acupuncturist Julie Grogan is dedicated to serving your health and wellness needs.  Her mission is to provide you with the highest-quality Traditional Chinese Medicine in a respectful, nurturing environment.  To this end, she offers treatments using acupuncture, electroacupuncture, cupping, Tui Na (Chinese medical massage), moxibustion, Qi Gong (Chinese movement therapy) and Eastern Dietary Therapy.   She strives to serve your needs by helping your body regain its proper balance.  She also will educate you about your health and lifestyle to empower you to take part in your own healing process. 


The concept for Radiant Sun Acupuncture was born in October 2003, when Julie, then a practicing attorney at a large law firm in Buffalo, New York, survived a terrible car accident with a tractor trailer while she was her way to a court appearance.  Within a month of the accident, Julie was forced to undergo neck surgery due to the severity of her injury.  After exhausting conventional Western medical treatment for her neck pain, she turned to acupuncture.  Julie experienced such relief from her pain that she became intrigued with acupuncture’s healing properties and why it was so successful in relieving her symptoms.  Approximately 10 years after the accident, Julie realized her dream of studying acupuncture when she became a student at the Finger Lakes School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine of New York Chiropractic College.  After graduating, Julie started Radiant Sun Acupuncture so others could enjoy the incredible benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 



I have been a registered nurse for 43 years. Over this time, I have seen the benefit of Eastern medicine’s influence in conjunction with Western medicine and have participated with several Eastern modalities in the past. Acupuncture, to my way of thinking, is of the upmost benefit. I appreciate Julie’s concern and expertise in dealing with my pain, anxiety and various other ailments. The dietary changes she has recommended have been invaluable to me.
— Pat C.

I was a first-time acupuncture patient when I was treated by Julie. I was nervous that acupuncture would hurt and was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t. She treated my knee pain and afterwards I discovered that I was walking better than I had in years. I usually walk with a limp and after her treatment, I was walking like a normal person. I can’t wait to be treated by Julie again.
— Tom H.


Services & Rates

Initial Acupuncture Appointment
90 minutes   |   $90.00

Follow-up Acupuncture Appointments
60 minutes   |   $70.00

Cupping Only
30 minutes   |   $50.00

Tui Na Only
30 minutes   |   $35.00

Eastern Dietary Therapy Consult

Eastern Dietary Therapy Plan

Acupuncture involves the insertion of extremely thin stainless-steel, sterile, disposable needles into the body at points that have been shown to benefit certain health conditions.  These points generally fall along established channels through which Qi flows in the body.  By inserting needles into these points, your acupuncturist can help direct the flow of Qi to bring the body into balance.

Moxibustion is a form of heat therapy in which mugwort, a small spongy herb, is burned near or on the skin to bring heat into the body, strengthen the flow of Qi, and enhance your overall vitality and health.  Moxibustion has been used in Asia for thousands of years.   

Eastern Dietary Therapy
The Chinese believe food and medicine share the same source, and often use food to heal imbalances.  With Eastern Dietary Therapy, your acupuncturist considers your constitution and the source of your health problems, and then gives recommendations of alternative foods that will bring your body more into balance.  

For cupping, your acupuncturist will create a suction in small specialized “cups,” which are then placed on specific points or areas of your body.  The suction draws your skin up into the cups to bring fresh blood and Qi to that part of your body.  This relieves aches and pains, improves circulation and aids respiratory and digestive issues. 

Qi Gong
Qi Gong involves gentle, mindful movements that are repeated a number of times to stretch your body, increase fluid movement and blood flow, build Qi and aid your awareness of how your body moves through space. 

Electroacupuncture is similar to a TENS unit or electrical stimulation except that it causes a greater movement of Qi in the body.  After the acupuncture needles are inserted, your acupuncturist attaches tiny leads to selected needles.  The leads are attached to an electrical stimulation device that sends a small electrical current through the selected needles.  This produces a mildly pleasant sensation of tingling in the area.

Gua Sha
Gua Sha is used to treat areas of painful stagnation or blockage in your body.  Such areas have “Sha,” which emerge as small reddish dots on the skin’s surface from its superficial or deeper levels during Gua Sha treatment.  Sha can be diagnosed by pressing on the skin.  If the whitening or blanching impressions left on the skin remain for a longer than usual time (for your body) or fade away slowly, Sha is present.  For Gua Sha, your acupuncturist first moistens an area of skin with a thick lubricant and then uses a smooth round-edged object, such as a spoon, to apply short, brisk strokes to the area.  This creates red patches of skin with small reddish dots -- Sha.  This not a painful treatment, and Sha typically fades in a few days.

Fees, Payment and Insurance

We are a participating provider for MVP and Excellus (Blue Choice and Blue Cross/Blue Shield) health insurances.  It is important to find out if your plan has acupuncture benefits before you come to your appointment.

Full payment is due at the time of service and cash, personal checks, credit cards, debit cards and HSA/FSA debit cards are accepted.  We can also provide you with a super-bill for your submission to your health savings account or flexible spending account.

To avoid being charged a fee of $35 for a missed appointment, kindly give at least 24 hours notice.